Links to Enjoy

The Genuine Official Rosanne Cash Web Site
Grammy winning singer-songwriter-author-activist

The Hunger Site
click here and a donation will be made - really. costs you nothin' but a couple seconds

Rockets Redglare! - A film by Luis Fernandez de la Reguera
brutal, hilarious and touching documentary film

Patti Witten
potent folk righteous babe from Ithaca, NY

Steve Kunzman
singer-songwriter big daddy from New Jersey

check him out before he gets too famous

Wanda Jackson - The First Lady of Rockabilly
she rocks harder than her grandkids

they will kick up dust, break hearts and leave town before sunrise

Patty Ocfemia
maverick NYC singer songwriter whose CD I am producing

superlative photographer

"ian gittler"
ace photographer, musician, artist

photographer extraordinaire

Gail Worley
great passionate writer

Design Intervention Studio - Web Design
the go-to guy for your website needs

CD Baby
great little online store that is revolutionizing indie music commerce

"Americana Music Association"
enough with the hyphens already Folk Music - Bluegrass Music - Alt Country - Americana Music - Roots Rock -
another great online store

e-zine from lovable literate curmudgeon preacher of music that don't suck

"Disinformation :: The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness."
check it out while it's still legal

Josh Roy Brown
deep singer-songwriter with lap steel, dobro, slide guitar, rockin' lead chops galore

Mimi Cross
The Original Gold Dust Woman

The Audio Kitchen with The Professor
The Professor's WFMU show features found sound - mostly cassettes of everything from people's answering machine tapes to audio letters, to kids horsing around and more. Hilarious.